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Super Connected Cities

To encourage UK businesses to improve their connectivity, the government has set aside £150m to contribute towards the costs of upgrading, enabling them to benefit from technologies that support business growth and give them a competitive advantage.

The BDUK Connection Voucher Scheme provides financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises to get superfast fibre connections or use against Ethernet upgrade costs.

Hundreds of UK businesses, registered charities and social enterprises are already benefitting from affordable superfast broadband. The scheme runs until March 2015 – so make sure you take advantage now.

In simple terms - Government vouchers of up to £3000 (excl VAT) are available for every eligible applicant to offset the cost of connecting to the internet at superfast speeds, providing that they meet the initiative’s conditions.

In order to benefit from the scheme, your business must be located within a defined postcode in 22 cities across the UK.

This non-repayable grant applies to any connectivity service that costs more than £100 and offers 30Mb download speeds or more, Office Fones' Advanced or Office Fones' Ethernet connections, for example.

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Benefits of Great Connectivity

There are many ways your business can benefit from great connectivity. More staff productivity with less downtime. We all know how reliant we are now on Internet Connectivity and email in today’s world.

Great connectivity enables you to provide better service to your customers, but also ensures that your staff has the tools it needs to process, analyse and present information in a more effective and professional manner to clients.

Indeed, connectivity has become essential as a tool for effective communication with external and internal clients, suppliers and potential customers. Connectivity enables companies to increase their profit margin by marketing and effecting sales of their products and services online.

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