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Q: Is it easy transferring my services to you?

A: Transferring your services is very straightforward, there is are no charges, and the process is completely seamless with no downtime. Just give us a call on 0131 342 1010 and we’ll do the rest.

Q: Can I keep the same telephone numbers?

A: Again, we understand that keeping your number is important, and we offer a “like for like” transfer, so the simple answer is yes.

Q: Can I keep my existing services such as BT 1571 voicemail, call divert etc?

A: Of course, we source our products from Openreach™ just like BT, so any services you currently have can be put on your line(s) just like before.

Q: Do I have to sign up for a long term contract?

A: No, unlike most providers Officefones have rolling 30 day contracts on all their products except Leased Lines. We are very confident in our services so are able to offer this. So the longest you would be tied in for is 30 days.

Q: What happens if I have a problem with my line?

A: No change here either, give us a call, and we will either fix the fault here through our systems, or failing that, if a site visit is required then a BT Openreach engineer will attend your site. All the SLA’s are the same as BT.

Q: How do we change our BroadBand over to Officefones?

A: If we are taking over the line as well then the BroadBand would switch over within seven working days. If you are just switching the BroadBand then we would require a MAC code which we would get from your current supplier, this would take ten working days. There would be no downtime in either instance.

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