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Business Data Backup to the Cloud

Secure your business with cloud backup

Keep your data safe, store as much data as you like and use your bandwidth exactly as you wish, with the Node4Backup to the Cloud solution. This technology relies on CTERA appliances and agents to offer secure deduplicated off-site backup to storage hosted in secure Node4 Data Centers. Take advantage of your cloud storage for file sharing, folder synchronisation and off-site backup.

Partnered with N4 Cloud Backup

Key benefits of Backup to the Cloud:

  • Ultimate protection provided by encryption prior to storage in highly resilient Data Centre facilities.
  • Scaleable storage capacity adaptable to your needs.
  • Pre-configured handsets: Install them at any location with Internet access. Choose from various handsets to suit your business.
  • Control your bandwidth consumption when you wish.
  • Automate your backups to eliminate the need for manual backups by staff.
  • Do business as usual: Restore all the files you need from your local appliance or from the cloud, to ensure the smooth flow of business.
  • Save on costs: Choose what to back up on the cloud and save on technology by combining your cloud usage in one solution.

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