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Thanks to our impartiality, Office Fones ensures you always end up with the right phone system for your business.

Across the UK, traditional phone systems are quickly being replaced by Hosted Cloud or VoIP systems in home offices, small offices, as well as in larger businesses. However there are still a huge amount of traditional phone systems in the UK marketplace which have not reached end of life or are tied into finance agreements that are connected to analogue and ISDN lines.

Using the same infrastructure as the major network providers Office Fones can offer exceptional value for both line rentals and call packages and rates.

Fixed Line Services:

Office Fones' fixed line services start at just £4.99 per month. These include:

  • Analogue lines: Standard singles line, starting at just £4.99 per month.
  • ISDN2: Digital channels which have two lines per channel, starting at £7.50 per line per month.
  • ISDN30: Digital lines which can have anywhere between 8 and 30 lines per circuit, starting at £7.50 per month.
  • IP Channels or SIP Trunks. This solution can offer the best of both worlds. With a traditional telephone system SIP Trunks can be added to access far cheaper VoIP calls. This can be achieved without the need to change any of your current equipment.
  • Non-Geographic Numbers: Keep the same telephone number, regardless of where you are when you answer the phone or if you move offices. Increase and measure responses to your marketing campaigns with a Non-Geographic number.
  • Geographic Numbers: Strengthen your UK presence or create a successful new marketing campaign in different regions using a virtual number, which can begin with any UK Dialing Code (0207, 0161, etc.).

Business Telecom Services:

Office Fones provides all the services you need to optimise your business telecoms. These include:

  • No minimum call charges, or connection charges.
  • Pay per second billing: This type of billing enables your business to save on costs incurred when using other providers by rounding up to the nearest minute. Pay only for the exact time you have spoken; if you have only spoken for 10 seconds, don’t pay a second more.
  • DDI level billing: Your bill can be itemised by user, giving you greater control over how your phone system is used, and affording considerable cost savings.
  • Monthly billing: Keep an eye on your costs by receiving your full detailed bill every month
  • E-mail billing: Receive your bills in the most convenient way possible.
  • Fraud management: An effective fraud management system is now a necessity in all businesses, whether small or large. An integrated fraud management system can be scaled to fit the size of any customer. It will enable both us and you to detect any possible problems and recommend actions to be taken.

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