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Leased Lines

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What is a Leased Line?

A Leased Line brings fibre optic connection directly to your business premises, offering high-speed Internet and continuous fibre access, backed by our first-rate Service Level Agreement. Increase your bandwidth when you wish quickly and save on costs while delivering better service to existing and potential clients.

A Leased Line is ideal for uploading, downloading and sending large files, and it will ensure that Internet calls, conferences and general traffic, run smoothly. With a pre-determined bandwidth, you can count on high speed connectivity, all day every day.

Prices starting from £199.00 per month.

What Type of Business Can Benefit from Leased Lines?

  • Companies requiring non-stop, high speed Internet access, 24/7 and an uncontended bandwidth.
  • Companies that may need upscaled services in the future.
  • Business requiring the smooth flow of data and optimal quality voice and Internet traffic.
  • Customers requiring a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Companies wishing to save money through improved speed, ease and efficiency.

Key Features of Leased Lines:

  • Scalable bandwidths to meet all your business telecom needs.
  • A thorough Service Level Agreement that offers dedicate supported services from our highly experienced, friendly UK team.
  • Pre-configured handsets: Install them at any location with Internet access. Choose from various handsets to suit your business.
  • Quick, simple installation via connection to your firewall or LAN.
  • Optional resilience solutions for unforeseeable circumstances such as network crashes.
  • A fully uncontended lease line connection you won’t have to share with other users.

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