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Who We Are

Office Fones is a business telecoms provider in Edinburgh offering a wide range of innovative, cost-effective and client-driven telecommunications services. We offer free consultancy and quotation services to Scottish businesses, suggesting the very latest cost-saving telecommunications packages with a wide variety of supplier and tariff options.

Our Methodology

We analyse your current bills and look into the most efficient ways of making savings on your mobile communications, offering fixed term finance leasing facilities to reduce your capital outlay. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of business phone systems, we also offer sophisticated VoIP-based solutions to enable you to make calls via the Internet.

Our Commitment

We guarantee that we will save you a minimum of 10% on your line rental package and we can suggest additional ways to help you save money using bill checking validation techniques. Through our Cloud Hosting services, we make it easier for you to work on shared projects with other departments and offices with our VoIP and Cloud back-up solutions.


Affordable Business Calls & Lines

As a leading business telecoms provider, Office Fones offers clients an array of business calls packages with local and national calls from as little as 0.8p per minute, calls to UK mobiles from 3.50p per minute, and calls to 0845/0870 numbers from just 2.00p per minute. We also offer a complete range of Analogue lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines, and IP Channels.

Geographic and Non-Geographic Numbers

The changing face of business means that you no longer need to work from one location; non-geographic numbers enable clients to reach you wherever you are, using the same number. The Chartered Institute of Marketing reports that advertisers using a 0800 free phone number enjoy 40% higher response levels. You may wish to opt for a geographic or virtual number starting with any UK dialing code, this can strengthen your company’s UK presence, and also allow you to run various campaigns in different areas of the UK, or abroad if required.

Quality, Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness

We offer the same infrastructure as major network providers in Edinburgh, with cheaper, more convenient and customer-focused services.

We can transfer business lines quickly and efficiently, ensuring no disruption in your network or communications. Value added services include DDI level billing (itemised by user), online billing and fraud management tools.

Office Fones do not charge a minimum call charge or connection charge as most providers do, luring customers with good rates only to add a connection or minimum call charge to the call. With Office Fones you pay for exactly what you have used with true per second billing.


Business Broadband

We offer the fastest speeds and most cost-effective internet connectivity in the marketplace, with a range of options to suit the needs of your business. We deliver high quality, affordable business broadband with both high speed download and upload speeds. All Office Fones Business Broadband services include unlimited usage and a free wireless router. Types of business broadband offered include:

  • Broadband Pro
  • Fibre to the Cabinet Broadband
  • EFM
  • Corporate Bonded DSL

Leased Lines

If you need fast, reliable internet for your business for voice, data and Internet traffic solutions, a business leased line is an ideal choice. By bringing fibre straight to your office we bring you guaranteed, symmetrical connectivity with ultra-fast asynchronous speeds.


Hosted Cloud Telephony (VoIP)

Hosted Cloud Telephony is a system that resides in the cloud rather than in your office. Users access the system through a standard IP handset or a softphone – a screen-based virtual phone. Calls are made and received over a dedicated connection to the internet. From there they are then routed to PSTN or ISDN fixed line and mobile devices.

Hosted Telephony means no costly maintenance or upgrades associated with traditional telephone systems such as expensive card upgrades to add users and extensions, this is a completely scalable solution. As well as giving your organisation access to low-cost and free IP calls a hosted system puts a huge range of smart call management features at your fingertips. Mobiles and other devices can also be integrated into the system.

Your organisation’s entire communications, across multiple sites and remote workers can be managed easily, right down to individual user level, through a simple user interface.

  • No expensive hardware
  • Much more scalability
  • No expensive access cards
  • More flexibility

Data Backup to the Cloud

Avoid data loss disasters by backing up to the cloud. For a small price you can avail of unlimited storage space, without the need for an external hard drive.

Microsoft Office 365

Access cloud hosted versions of Microsoft Office’s server platforms via Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint, Hosted Lync, etc.


Support you can count on

Office Fones offers clients ongoing communications support, improving your communications systems and offering you an array of different packages to suit your changing needs. You can always count on our friendly, dedicated team to find the precise solutions for your business communications needs. We are there for you 24/7, 365 days a year.


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